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Are you able to kill the dungeon ahead of it kills you?

In thirteenth Age, dwelling dungeons slither up throughout the underworld and invade the skin lands. The Stone Thief is the main historic and crafty of its type; an enormous monster that preys at the towns and constructions you like, swallows them, and remakes them into extra deathtrap-filled degrees inside of itself. Now, it’s searching YOU.

For players:
• Embark on a saga of insanity, revenge and large monsters
• relief or thwart the schemes of the Icons as they conflict for keep watch over of the dungeon
• Slay, loot and live to tell the tale deep within the bowels of the earth
• spoil this age-old chance forever

For GMs:
• A mammoth crusade protecting the total Champion tier (4th to eighth level)
• 13 degrees of peril from the dungeon’s establishing Maw to the orc hordes of the Deep preserve, the terrors of the • Pit of Undigested a while, and the nightmare urban past the Onyx Catacombs
• New monsters, new treasures, new traps, and new factions on your thirteenth Age crusade

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Contact between the two parts of the cult is limited—the Secret Masters communicate with their followers through the notoriously unreliable medium of dreams. On the rare occasions when some brave cultist makes a pilgrimage to the mouth of their god, they usually don’t get past the dangers of the dungeon. Adventurers & the Cult of the Devourer Evil adventurers may be employed by the surface cult to carry messages or tribute to the main temple. The Secret Masters of the cult are unlikely to tolerate intruders, unless the adventurers can help them bring the dungeon to apotheosis by eating key magical sites.

The Cult of the Devourer still counts him as one of their own, but the Flesh Tailor’s loyalty—and sanity—are both very questionable. It’s hard to trust a creature that sees your skin and bones as artistic supplies. For an undead horror, the Flesh Tailor’s surprisingly approachable. He’s got plenty of enthusiasm for his work, which is infectious. See page 127 for more on the Flesh Tailor. Quote “You have a beautiful face. ” Usual Location The Flesh Tailor’s court lies in the Ossuary, and he rarely leaves that level.

PD—14 negative energy damage Natural 16+: The target is also weakened (save ends). C: Spiraling assault +10 vs. PD (1d3 nearby enemies)—10 negative energy damage, and after the attack the wraith teleports to and engages with one target it hit Limited use: The wraith can use spiraling assault only when the escalation die is even. Flight: The wraith hovers and zooms about. Ghostly: This creature has resist damage 16+ to all damage (yes, even holy damage) except force damage, which damages it normally.

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