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By Ted Rueter

"Am I diverse? Yeah. Deep down, you recognize you need to put on wider bottoms; you are simply now not safe sufficient. . . . Do I do my hair with a weed whacker? I admit it." --Rep. James Traficant (D-Ohio, 1985-2002)

Supposedly a few of our brightest audio system, politicians say a few lovely silly issues. individuals of America's significant political events placed out a roaring movement of downright dumb reviews, pronouncements, and observations. For evidence, glance no additional than Ted Rueter's 449 silly issues Democrats Have stated.

In 449 silly issues Democrats Have stated. Al Gore acknowledged, "I could have kissed Tipper longer on the convention." Hillary Rodham Clinton, in the course of a 2000 crusade interview with sizzling ninety seven, a ny hip-hop radio station, said, "Motown, Motown: that is my period. these are my people." Rueter snags all of them and offers amazing collections of quotations that may really pass down in history.-

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Republicans do it di erently. ” —Al Gore, to White House speechwriters in April 1995, insisting that they remove excessive praise for Republicans “I have been thinking that I would make a proposition to my Republican friends. ” —Lyndon Johnson (president, 1963–1969) “The trouble with the Republican Party is that it has not had a new idea in thirty years. ” —Woodrow Wilson (president, 1913–1921) “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a Republican. ” —Harry Truman (president, 1945–1953) “Republicans bring out Colin Powell and J.

He doesn’t like blackout. He doesn’t like energy crisis. ” Three days later, Davis said, “It was a poor joke. ” —Sissy Farenthold (Texas state representative, 1969–1972) “Anyone can be elected governor. ” —Robert Torricelli (senator from New Jersey, 1997–2002), on investigations of his finances Ronald Reagan “I was cooking breakfast this morning for my kids, and I thought, ‘He’s just like a Te on frying pan. ’” —Patricia Schroeder (representative from Colorado, 1973–1996), in April 1983. ” —Howard Dean (2004 presidential candidate).

The right wing is zero-for-life going after the Clintons. ” —Madeleine Albright (secretary of state, 1997–2001) Running Mates “Lieberman-Buchanan: a ticket only a mother could love. S. ” —Charles Rangel (representative from New York, 1971–), on the death of Uday and Qusay Hussein Safe Money “The Republicans have gone from safe sex to safe money. ” —James Traficant (representative from Ohio, 1985–2002) Schlemiels “Our struggle today is not to have a female Einstein appointed as an assistant professor.

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