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By Jean Jacques Charbonier

Over the process his 25-year occupation as an anesthesiologist and in depth care health care professional, Jean Jacques Charbonier, M.D., accrued thousands of bills of sufferers who again from medical dying. throughout all of those accounts—from sufferers with tremendously various backgrounds—Dr. Charbonier came across extraordinary similarities in addition to undeniable evidence that those studies have been greater than hallucinations. He surveyed different physicians, nurses, caregivers and found that their sufferers defined an identical stories in addition to exhibited an analogous confident lifestyles modifications later on. Igniting a systematic quest to profit extra, he accrued extra debts of near-death reviews in addition to out-of-body reports, attended dozens of classes with mediums, experimented effectively with digital verbal exchange with the deceased (EVP), interviewed countless numbers of people that have cared for the death, and accrued numerous inexplicable tales of "signs" from the afterlife. With every one event he studied, he stumbled on himself extra firmly believing within the survival of realization past loss of life. Dr. Charbonier distills his findings into 7 purposes to think within the afterlife, starting with the greater than 60 million humans all over the world who've said a transcendent afterlife adventure. He refutes the normal objections of doubters and materialists element via aspect, bringing up clinical examine on NDEs and the paintings of pioneers within the box of realization reviews similar to Raymond Moody and Pim van Lommel. Drawing on meticulously recorded and hospital-verified situations, Dr. Charbonier explains that we must always now not worry demise for ourselves or our household. through liberating our worry of loss of life, we will be able to thoroughly organize for "the ultimate journey." As those that have lower back from dying show, demise is just a transition and its classes permit us to reside extra totally, peacefully, and fortunately within the now.

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At about the same moment that I saw the instrument, I heard a woman’s voice. I believe it was the voice of my cardiologist. She was saying that my veins and arteries were too small to extract blood from them and the surgeon told her to try the other side. Feeling a presence, I sort of turned around to look at it, and it was then that I saw the tiny pinpoint of light. It seemed very far away and when I came closer to it, I heard my grandmother call me. I went to her right away and she kept me close.

Seeing deceased persons standing at the foot of one’s bed. 7. Anguish and fear at the idea of dying. 8. Terror that is hard to control. I am not in a position to quantify these eight characteristics with rigorous numbers or percentages because this list is based solely on twenty years of experience with ill and wounded patients hospitalized in intensive care. Although I have never kept statistics on these various reactions that people experience when faced with the imminence of death, just the same I can categorize them in approximate order of frequency.

That means that this patient saw without her eyes, heard without her ears, and understood without her brain! Yes, but with what? How? Again, doesn’t the whole thing become a lot simpler if we accept that consciousness is found outside the body when the brain stops functioning? What the Detractors Say Pamela’s EEG was flat but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t an unmeasurable residual activity. 9°F) and we know that in such a condition there’s no chance of having even the slightest biochemical exchange between two neurons.

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