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By John Mesina

Capricorn: December 21 - January 19

The Goat.

Ambitious, diplomatic, persevering, reserved and with deep depression.

This ebook offers solutions to 86 lifestyles questions about wealth, luck and happiness.

Know thyself and your suitable mate.

Be guaranteed of your destiny.

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Your loyalty is cast on concrete and you’ll take care of your mate tenderly and patiently forever. 20 Have you a secret fear of success? Hardworking, ambitious and persevering, you, Goats, seem to have a sure-footed path up the success ladder. But when you fail to move upward, you may blame it on your heavy responsibilities. The real reasons, however, are often more subtle and psychological. Secretly, success might frighten you because of what it can entail. As you shoulder more and bigger tasks on the way up, you may quietly believe you are missing all the fun in life.

To find a mate who is ideal for you, consider your actual needs in a lover. To be really happy, you do require someone who won’t shock your neighbors or the boss. Your basic drive as a Capricorn is to preserve traditions and rise high in the world. You are often happiest with a partner who contributes to your social status in some way. He or she should possess a desire to perpetuate family and cultural ties as much as you do. But because your sexual makeup is seldom as cool or conservative as your public image suggests, you need even more in a lover.

The ability to perform grown-up tasks could comes so easily that adults will be tempted to saddle such kids with chores beyond their years. These little ones are practical realists. Don’t even try to fool them with tales about the Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny. They appreciate gifts but would prefer cold cash which they’ll probably sock away in a piggy bank to later help them get to the top. Though sober and serious, Caprikids also possess a delightful sense of humor which enables them to deal with the harsh realities of life.

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