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Letter will be useful in other domains as well). Again, the reason for this reuse potential is the absence of a rigid top-down conceived function call structure. The bottom-up provision of general services is more suited to be reused in altered conditions. 5 on page 35). In the object-oriented bureau objects issue goals to each other. The secretary may ask a drawer to file an information. The drawer in turn forwards the goal to one of its sub-compartments and so on until the goal is achieved.

2 Concepts 31 Is-a The heir is of the kind of its ancestor (also referred to as specialization inheritance). , Whale is a Mammal). Subtype The heir can be used whenever the use of its ancestor is appropriate Heirs conform in interface and behavior and provide monotonic extensions only. , a Vulture can be used whenever a Bird is expected). Code reuse Heirs inherit code from their ancestors (also known as subclassing). , Pig may reuse code templates of Mammal). 2), but normally they are in conflict with each other.

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