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Self-Similar Processes in Telecommunications

For the 1st time the issues of voice providers self-similarity are mentioned systematically and intimately with particular examples and illustrations. Self-Similar strategies in Telecommunications considers the self-similar (fractal and multifractal) types of telecommunication site visitors and potency in line with the belief that its site visitors has fractal or multifractal houses (is self-similar).

Information And Communication Technology for Peace: The Role of Ict in Preventing, Responding to And Recovering from Conflict

The examples of data and communique know-how use in battle are popular: propaganda, intelligence, communications and ICT-enabled guns. This file goals to respond to the subsequent query: do ICTs have a unique function in selling peace?

Mobile satellite communication networks

Cellular satellite tv for pc providers are set to alter with the upcoming release of satellite tv for pc own verbal exchange companies (S-PCS), by using non-geostationary satellites. This new new release of satellites might be positioned in low earth orbit or medium earth orbit, as a result, introducing new satellite tv for pc layout thoughts.

Security for mobile networks and platforms

With viruses, spy ware, and a doubtless endless onslaught of recent cyber-threats, protection is a vital and incessant quandary for all networking pros. this can be very true for cellular networking execs, who're all too conscious of cellular technology's detailed vulnerability. This quintessential reference turns cellular community builders, architects, and engineers into cellular protection experts.

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These features are outlined below. Peripheral vs. central processing unit Experience with an earlier prototype [BBB94] indicated that the microprocessor subsystem, which was responsible for managing data transfers between the wireless modem and the I/O-processing chipset, consumed a significant fraction of the overall power budget and was also a primary performance bottleneck. The most delay-sensitive activities, such as moving the pen and expecting the cursor to track location in real-time, typically generate a large number of very small data transfers, so that the microprocessor spends the majority of its cycles entering and exiting interrupt service routines and setting up data transfers.

Before proceeding, it is beneficial to take a brief look at the history of protocol design, protocol specification, and the various technical tools that have been used to verify correctness and estimate performance. 3 Abstract Services and the OSI Protoc o l “Stack” Because it is the most common decomposition of protocol services, a good starting point for discussing communication protocols is the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) “protocol stack” [DZ83]. In the OSI model, protocols are conceptually 10 organized as a series of layers, each one built upon its predecessor.

4 An approach to integrating protocol design disciplines This above example attests to the need to tailor protocols to the environment they operate in, and is the strongest argument for a design methodology that integrates performance metrics with functional correctness. Separating the design of the protocol from the context in which it exists leads to performance penalties that are unacceptable for wireless, portable applications. The remainder of this dissertation explores the relationships between specification, verification, performance estimation, and implementation.

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