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By Stanton W., Spencer T.

This paper covers the fundamental RS-232 signaling, errors correction, compression, and modulation criteria. within the close to destiny, the asynchronous modem will stay a major technique of shifting info to and from the private machine. via a few estimates, greater than 60 percentage of people that entry the net achieve this with a traditional dial-up modem and a connection to an analog phone line ( you'll be connecting to a bulletin board method (BBS) via a section of communications software program otherwise you should be utilizing the home windows NTR distant entry carrier (RAS) to dial out in your net merchant (ISP). even if you employ an easy dossier move protocol resembling XMODEM or one other protocol corresponding to TCP/IP over the RAS Point-to-Point (PPP) protocol, the underlying asynchronous communications concerns are an identical. so much asynchronous modem communique applied this present day conforms to the RS-232 signaling commonplace (RS stands for urged standard), and an important average layered onto the RS-232 signaling is the modulation common. different criteria corresponding to errors correction and knowledge compression additionally come into play. Asynchronous communique is a technique of serial information move that's universal to a couple of protocols, similar to XMODEM, YMODEM, and Kermit. For the aim of this paper, the algorithm universal to asynchronous verbal exchange will sometimes be often called the asynchronous protocol. one of many major issues to profit in regards to the asynchronous protocol is how the modem and the pc use the various leads within the serial cable to speak in keeping with the RS-232 usual.

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Show the voltage and frequency scales and indicate whether your voltage scale shows peak or RMS voltage. FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS ! 11 5. 12 for harmonics up to the fifth. Show the voltage and frequency scales. 12 6. A 1-kHz square wave passes through each of three communication channels whose bandwidths are given below. Sketch the output in the time domain for each case. (a) 0 to 10 kHz (b) 2 kHz to 4 kHz (c) 0 to 4 kHz 7. 13. 13 34 ! CHAPTER 1 8. 14. 3. 14 9. Visible light consists of electromagnetic radiation with free-space wavelengths between 400 and 700 nanometers (nm).

J0 represents the component at the carrier frequency. J1 represents each of the first pair of sidebands, at frequencies of ƒc + ƒm and ƒc − ƒm. J2 represents the amplitude of each of the second pair of sidebands, which are separated from the carrier frequency by twice the modulating frequency, and so on. 13 shows this on a frequency-domain plot. All of the Bessel terms should be multiplied by the voltage of the unmodulated carrier to find the actual sideband amplitudes. 13 ! 61 FM in the frequency domain Bessel coefficients are equally valid for peak or RMS voltages, but the user should be careful to keep track of which type of measurement is being used.

Identify each of the following communication systems as simplex, half-duplex, or full-duplex. (a) cordless telephone (b) television broadcast (c) intercom with push-to-talk bar 8. Why is it necessary to use a high-frequency carrier with a radio communication system? 9. Name the three basic modulation methods. 10. Suppose that a voice frequency of 400 Hz is transmitted using a transmitter operating at 800 MHz. Which of these is: (a) the information frequency? (b) the carrier frequency? 32 ! CHAPTER 1 (c) the baseband frequency?

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