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Award-winning author Charlotte Bacon illuminates the unforeseen ambiguities of women's lives in a fantastically crafted selection of tales approximately girls who've arrived at awkward edges of their lives--adolescence, or outdated age, ailing or pregnant. Many come to abrupt discoveries or discover startling secrets and techniques. regardless of their diversity in age and scenario, all proportion the typical aim of attempting to reassemble their lives .

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She imagines it as a place of gleaming ambulances, citizens with arms in tidy slings. The other studentsfirefighters, moms, and kids who want to join ski patrolsseem nonchalant about crossing the border from daily life to crisis management. Everyone's notebook is cracked open to the first ruled page. Keith wears a T-shirt printed with endangered bugs despite the fact it's glacial outside and in this drafty classroom at the back of a fire station. He ticks off the topics they will cover: anatomy, CPR , trauma, poisoning, animal bites.

Dawn ... " "It's her mother's maiden name," says Dawn quickly. Mary Ellen gives the nurse a rueful smile. Dawn is smarter than her feathery hairstyle lets on. Mary Ellen wonders how much her smarts show up with Frank. He liked to be the one in charge of knowing. But maybe that has changed. Maybe love has made him a better person. For the next few hours, it's everything from separations of the shoulder to dogs turned vicious on a master's hand. Mary Ellen remembers the stars of healed bites on Frank's palms.

Stay on Paths. Nudging through the Spaniards, Julia wanted only to be back in the damp, small-hilled East. She missed the foggy mess of her greenhousebulbs dumped in one corner, coils of hose in another. When her mother died, Julia left her slight job in New York publishing and moved home, to the outskirts of Boston. Her father had been too numb to notice she'd taken up with plants, although her mother would have sought advice on iris, even bought a flat of pansies. Julia thought of her father and the gin bottles piling in the trash.

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