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By Kenneth E. Iverson

Iverson K.E. A Programming Language. (Wiley, 1962)(ISBN 0471430145)

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The pin connections are: This device can operate as a monostable or astable multivibrator, a Schmitt trigger or an inverting buffer (low current input, high current output). Here it is wired as a Schmitt trigger, and for variation, it is shown triggering a triac which will then stay on until the circuit is powered down (an SCR could be used just as well with this DC circuit): And here, a monostable: And here are two astables, the second of which has fixed, equal mark/space ratio: We can also wire the 555 to give a variable mark/space ratio while holding the frequency of the oscillation fixed: The output waveform changes drastically as the variable resistor is adjusted, but the frequency (or pitch of the note) of the output stays unaltered.

These have 30,000 ohms per volt performance and are robust and accurate, having been built to very high standards. 5V battery to measure resistance. Ohm’s Law is used as the working principle and the operation is: The meter shown in the diagram has a small resistance of its own. This has a small variable resistor added to it. This variable resistor will have a small knob mounted on the face of the multimeter, or it will be a thumbwheel knob projecting slightly from the right hand side of the multimeter case.

This variable resistor will have a small knob mounted on the face of the multimeter, or it will be a thumbwheel knob projecting slightly from the right hand side of the multimeter case. 5V battery will be positioned inside the multimeter case as is the 1K resistor. To use the resistance ranges, the multimeter probes are touched firmly together to form a short-circuit and the variable resistor adjusted so that the meter points to zero. For the purpose of this discussion, let us assume that the internal resistance of the meter, when correctly adjusted, is exactly 1K.

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