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By Harold F. Schiffman

It is a reference grammar of the normal spoken number of Tamil, which differs substantially from the literary language. This publication, a far improved model of the author's Grammar of Spoken Tamil (1979) is the 1st such grammar to comprise examples either in Tamil script and in transliteration, and is designed to be available to scholars learning the trendy spoken language in any respect degrees in addition to to linguists and different experts. The booklet has benefited from vast native-speaker enter and the author's personal lengthy event of training Tamil to English-speakers.

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Sometimes both are used: depti rejtstraar odavi muulam under the auspices of (with the help of, with the intervention of) the deputy registrar' w In still other cases, verbal constructions involving a second verb meaning 'use, take, employ' substitute for a true instrumental case construction: Q0&nQsu soop eduttu iovekkalaam '(one) may wash (it) with soap' ('taking soap, one may wash') 36 CHAPTER 2. THE NOMINAL SYSTEM Research on causatives and instrumental constructions in various languages has shown this semantic area to be rather complex, so definitive statements about Tamil constructions of this sort must remain highly tentative.

All five children' This plural marker also appears in pronouns (cf. 3), also with final lateral: j£f5J

E. in script we must have LDIJf5J<3> rather than *LD(Jljb[51<3>, but in transliteration we will just have maranga 'trees', phonetically 30 CHAPTER 2. THE NOMINAL SYSTEM G veenum, etc. the dative case is attached to the subject and the stative verb appears in the third person singular. (3) ongalukku avare teriyumaa? to-you him known? ' This sentence may appear to be anomalous because of the lack of an overt subject, and the object marked accusative, but not only is it quite acceptable, any other case-marking would be ungrammatical.

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