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By Alexander E. Gates

In a single quantity, this authoritative reference covers remarkable Earth scientists from the 19th century to the current, in parts together with weather swap, geophysics, oceanography, paleontology, planetary geology, sedimentology and stratigraphy, and tectonics. John Dewey, Ian Carmichael, Stephen Jay Gould, Carl Sagan, Richard Tuttle, and Heinrich Holland are only the various many scientists integrated during this attention-grabbing assortment.

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He also had the mineral “blossite” named after him. Bloss has also performed service to the profession. He was president (1977) and vice president (1976) of the Mineralogical Society of America, among numerous other positions, panels, and committees. He was also of service to the Geological Society of America and the National Science Foundation. Bloss served as chief editor for American Mineralogist in 1972–1975. ᨳ Bodnar, Robert J. (1949– ) American Geochemist When a mineral crystallizes, it can trap a minute bubble of fluid, melt, and/or vapor that is present during the crystallization process, whether igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary during diagenesis (lithification).

Federal Institute, Zurich, in 1962–1963. He was also the first-ever Caswell Silver Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of New Mexico in 1981–1982. Bloss is a chess enthusiast and has written four books on the subject, including one with his grandson, Andrew Kensler, entitled Sammy Seahorse Teaches Chess. Don Bloss has led a very productive career. He is an author of some 70 articles in international journals as well as six geology books, one chapter in a book, and numerous entries in encyclopedias, as well as papers in collected volumes.

D. in 1957. Upon graduation, he accepted a position at the University of Houston, Texas, but moved to the University of California at Berkeley the next year (1958) and remains there today. While a faculty member, Berry has also held numerous positions with the Museum of Paleontology at the University of California at Berkeley including the curator of Paleozoic and Mesozoic invertebrate fossils (1960–present), associate director (1962–1966), acting director (1966, 1972–1976), and director (1976–1987).

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