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By Carl-Gustaf Scott

This publication employs men's soccer as a lens in which to enquire questions when it comes to immigration, racism, integration and nationwide identification in present-day Sweden. particularly, this examine explores if expert soccer serves as a winning version of multiracialism/multiculturalism for the remainder of Swedish society to emulate.

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After taxes, the salaries offered by Swedish clubs are no longer competitive with those provided by a lot of their European counterparts,53 and as a consequence, Allsvenskan rarely attracts top talent from the African continent. Instead, it draws mostly either young footballers who are at the very start of their careers or more experienced journeymen who are making their way through the middle to bottom rungs of the global soccer market. 55 While some of the latter eventually make it to Allsvenskan,56 many others do not and have ended up playing extended periods in the Second, Third, or even Fourth Division.

80 In December 1995, the European Court of Justice ruled in favor of Jean-Marc Bosman, a relatively unknown Belgian player, who asserted The African Diaspora in the Global Football Market O 25 his legal right to become a free agent at the end of his current contract over the objections of his club. 82 It also demolished the quota system previously employed by most leagues to restrict the number of foreign players, because now all EU citizens could legally play in any country that belonged to the Union.

117 It should, however, be emphasized that the distribution of foreign players varies greatly within Allsvenskan. This is due to the fact that the clubs have not only unequal economic resources but also different recruitment strategies (a point to which we will return in Chapter 5). 119 These days, players from almost all over the world can now be found in Allsvenskan and also in some of the lower Swedish divisions. 120 Although a number of Swedish-born (or at least Swedish-raised) footballers of Turkish and Middle Eastern origin have played in Allsvenskan,121 as of 2010, not a single player from either South or Southeast Asia had yet to appear in the league.

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