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Are irrational numbers. It is important to note that the ellipsis following the last decimal digit denotes continuing in an irregular fashion, whereas the absence of such dots to the right of the last decimal digit implies the decimal expansion terminates. 09 Repeats Notice that the overbar covers the entire repeating pattern. The following figure and table illustrate the subset relationship and examples of different types of real numbers. Real Numbers Irrational Numbers Rational Numbers Integers Negative Counting Numbers NAME Every real number is either a rational number or an irrational number.

222222 3. 07172737. . 4. p 7. 15 8. 117 In Exercises 9–16, approximate the real number to three decimal places by (a) rounding and (b) truncation. 9. 3471 13. 234492 10. 2549 11. 9949 12. 9951 14. 327491 15. 238473 16. qxd 16 8/7/12 5:34 PM Page 16 C H A P T E R 0 Prerequisites and Review In Exercises 17–40, perform the indicated operations in the correct order. 17. 5 ϩ 2 # 3 Ϫ 7 21. 2 Ϫ 3[4(2 # 3 ϩ 5)] 18. 2 ϩ 5 # 4 ϩ 3 # 6 22. 4 # 6(5 Ϫ 9) 19. 2 # (5 ϩ 7 # 4 Ϫ 20) 20. Ϫ3 # (2 ϩ 7) ϩ 8 # (7 Ϫ 2 # 1) 23.

89. Evaluate: (4 * 10-23)(3 * 1012) -10 . Express your answer in (6 * 10 ) both scientific and decimal notation. ■ 88. 79 ϫ 106 square miles of land in the United States. If one square mile is approximately 640 acres, how many acres per person are there in the United States? Round to the nearest tenth of an acre. (2 * 10-17)(5 * 1013) . Express your answer in (1 * 10-6) both scientific and decimal notation. 90. Evaluate: TECH NOLOGY Scientific calculators have an EXP button that is used for scientific notation.

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