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Bronchial asthma to grass, pollen, medication, and customary loved ones items arc common yet may be simply taken care of.

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For example, milk is a major allergen, but it can also cause allergylike symptoms, such as nausea and bloating, in people who lack the ability to digest lactose, the sugar found in milk. Lactose intolerance is not an allergy. It is best described as a kind of indigestion, quite different from the allergic reaction some people have to the proteins in milk. ) Tartrazine, yellow food dye #5, can trigger asthma symptoms and allergylike reactions in some people. Food poisoning caused by spoilage or contamination can cause symptoms that can be confused with an allergic reaction.

It is generally not recommended for treatment of food allergies, however. Allergy shots can bring long-lasting relief of symptoms for patients who are not helped by drug treatment. The usual schedule for pollen immunotherapy is one shot a week for at least a year, then shots every two or four weeks for another two to four years. If there is no improvement after the first year, the shots should be stopped. Allergists report good to excellent results, often lasting after the shots have been discontinued, in about 80% of patients with pollen allergies.

They also have listings of companies that manufacture prepared foods for restricted diets. Some of these products are available only in specialized stores, but many are sold in supermarkets. Food-allergy cookbooks listing recipes that do not require such ingredients as milk, eggs, or wheat are also available. With a little ingenuity, it is possible for most people with food allergies to enjoy a fairly normal and tasty diet. And although all the evidence is not in yet, allergists say steps taken by parents during the early months of life might help delay or prevent the appearance of allergy in children born into susceptible families.

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