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Paintings fanatics around the globe bear in mind with pride Muchas superb pix of Sarah Bernhardt. Mucha single-handedly revolutionized French poster artwork on the flip of the century with paintings nouveau ads for Moet & Chandon, task, Nestles, Benedictine brandy and «the flower of the nineties» Monaco Monte-Carlo. Muchas paintings was once an thought to architects and architects who tailored his type of sinuous plants and plant motifs for designing structures and furnishings. Muchas harmonious designs, delicate shades and brilliant draughtmanship have earned him the popularity as one of many remarkable and influential photo artists of Europe. This gorgeous and colourful publication is the main exact list of Muchas paintings to be had. incorporated are 163 full-color plates, a few showing right here for the 1st time considering that their unique booklet. a whole catalog part includes 525 special and illustrated entries and an in depth bibliography of books, periodicals and exhibition catalogs. Marina Hendersons advent, «Women and Flowers,» and Dr. Anna Dvoraks epilogue, «Illustrations for Books and Periodicals,» describe with perception Muchas lifestyles, his achievements and his philosophy.

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