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By Shonali Pachauri

With power intake set to develop into one of many largest concerns within the day-by-day lives of owners worldwide, this publication couldn't be extra correct – even though it specializes in India. Pachauri adopts a socio-economic method of interpreting the power approach and effort intake in India from a family viewpoint. The paintings additionally contains the most important features frequently missed: specifically, the significance of non-commercial assets of power, and variety within the styles of strength utilization.

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Electrification and electricity growth is likely to continue its rapid growth in the future too, both as a result of increased mechanisation, automation and ease of use as well as increased access to electricity for those who currently lack access. 4). Percent of households having electricity 30 Chapter 2: An Overview of Energy Consumption in India 100 80 1981 1991 2001 60 40 20 0 Rural Urban Total Fig. 7. 4. Penetration of Consumer Durables (per ‘000 households) 1985-86 1995-96 Urban Rural India Urban Rural Electric iron 190 30 73 371 83 Ceiling fan 552 85 210 814 191 Table fan 202 63 101 291 131 Mixer/grinder 109 6 34 301 31 Refrigerator 88 3 26 252 20 TV B&W 151 10 48 456 155 TV colour 40 1 12 212 26 VCR 5 0 1 47 2 Cassette player 136 27 56 466 173 Wash machine 14 0 4 109 5 Source: Modified from Natarajan (1998).

In addition, for developing countries like India that still consume large amounts of non-commercial energy often with very low conversion efficiencies, international comparisons with nations using predominantly commercial fuels is not suitable in all cases. Such variations make it essential, therefore to look at energy use in relation to the specific needs, activities, lifestyles and situations existing in a particular country or region. Fig. 6. 5 Household Energy Use Given the vastness and heterogeneity of India, it seems futile to talk in terms of averages.

However, there are still problems regarding access to even kerosene in some areas and to certain populations because of suboptimal policies regarding the allocation and pricing of this fuel. The future rate of electrification will have an impact on the rate at which households shift away from the use of kerosene to the use of more efficient electric lighting. In addition, there are government policies and incentives and some local initiatives to promote the use of renewable technologies like solar lanterns for lighting in rural and remote areas of the 32 Chapter 2: An Overview of Energy Consumption in India country.

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