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By Alan J. Munday, Roy A. Farrar

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8. The first transition series begins with Scandium (element 21) where the energy levels of the 4 sand 3 d orbitals are so nearly equal that there is a tendency for electrons to move from one orbital to another, causing variable valency. The same happens in the fifth period with 5 s and 4 d orbitals and in the sixth period with the 6 sand 5 d orbitals. 9. In the Lanthanide and Actinide series of elements, the 4 f and 5 f orbitals are occupied only after the s p d and s orbitals outside them have filled or begun to fill.

23 12 15 20 30 60 2. 18 2. 13 2. 09 2. 00 l. 96 s/ITiis a good approximation to the population mean with a 95% confidence. 4 Combination of Errors If results are Normally Distributed ,the Most Probable Error in the calculated result z = f(x, y. etc), due to the independent standard errors Sx• SY, etc. in x, y, etc. is given by, S2 [# sl + [* sl If the function + ... etc. e. no addition or subtraction) r+J where 2 ; [n ~] 2 + [m + ... etc. n, m. etc. are the powers of x, y, etc. in f. ) is ra~elyof interest in engineering (2) Instrument 'rounding off' error ±Ox may be treated as a Normally Distributed error by the equivalence 34 s,~ ~ox.

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