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The purpose of this booklet is to offer a transparent and concise exposition of the rules and perform of satellite tv for pc communications via describing the advance of communications-satellite companies. will probably be invaluable either to engineers who've labored in different fields of telecommunication and to scholars.

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2. 3 Body stabilisation INTELSAT V is very different in shape from all the previous INTELSAT satellites. The body is a box about 1-7 x 2 x 1-8 m. The antennas are mounted on a tower and the total height of the satellite is about 6-5 m. Two flat solar arrays extend nearly 8 m north and south of the body; these arrays are rotated to face the sun and are designed to produce at least 1200 W throughout the seven-year design life of the satellite. Both the solar arrays and the antenna complex have to be folded to get them into the nose fairing of the launcher.

4 kHz); 9000 channels could thus, in theory, be transmitted via a 36 MHz satellite transponder if it were practicable to equip the satellite with transmitters with sufficient output power. However, because SSB transmissions are amplitude modulated they are very susceptible to the distortion caused by amplifiers with a non-linear relation between output power and input power. In SSB systems it is therefore usually necessary to back off the output of TWT or klystron amplifiers by at least 10 dB. It may also be necessary to avoid the use of a frequency band at the centre of the transponder (where the number of intermodulation products is a maximum).

4. 2 Communications facilities INTELSAT V uses global beams, hemispheric beams, zone beams and spot beams and examples of hemi-beam, zone-beam and spot-beam coverage areas are shown in Fig. 9. The global-beam transmissions to and from the Fig. 9 INTELSAT V Coverage patterns satellite are left-hand circularly polarised (LHCP) and right-hand circularly polarised (RHCP), respectively; the hemi-beam transmissions have identical polarisations to the global-beam transmissions but there is no interference between them because they use different parts of the 6/4 GHz frequency bands.

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