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Android Studio New Media basics is a brand new media primer protecting suggestions critical to multimedia creation for Android together with electronic imagery, electronic audio, electronic video, electronic representation and 3D, utilizing open resource software program applications corresponding to GIMP, Audacity, Blender, and Inkscape. those expert software program applications are used for this ebook simply because they're unfastened for advertisement use. The e-book builds at the foundational thoughts of raster, vector, and waveform (audio), and will get extra complex as chapters development, overlaying what new media resources are top to be used with Android Studio in addition to key elements in regards to the facts footprint optimization paintings method and why new media content material and new media information optimization is so very important.

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The same trade-off is discussed in Chapter 7 for digital video data footprint optimization considerations. Streaming Digital Audio Data: Optimally Setting Your Bit-Rates One of the primary concepts in streaming your digital audio is the bit-rate of the digital audio data. Again, this is very similar to digital video; the reason you are learning about digital audio before digital video is because digital video is made up of both digital image sequences and digital audio, so I need to cover those concepts and terminologies first.

This is done by specifying 8 bits (worth) of numeric data value, which allows the Java code, or XML markup, to control color brightness variation for each of the red, green, and blue color channel values, from a minimum of 0 to a maximum of 255. The number of bits that are used to represent a digital image pixel color can be coded by using base 16, or hexadecimal, notation. Base 16 counts from 0 to F, so that you have 16 values (bits) to represent color with. Two of these hexadecimal values give you 16 × 16 = 256 values, which is the number of levels of intensity that you have available for each RGB color channel.

Android OS has been steadily winning new market share since it was released; let’s keep it that way! info CHAPTER 3 ■ DIGITAL IMAGE ASSETS: DATA FOOTPRINT OPTIMIZATION Indexed Color: Using Up to 8-Bit Color with Diffusion Dithering Indexed color images can simulate true color images, if the total number of colors that are used to make up the image do not vary too widely. As you know, indexed color imagery uses only 8 bits of data, or 256 colors, to define the image pixel color plate. This is done using a palette of optimally selected colors.

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