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Discusses the illness and its prevention in animals and the way to answer anthrax bioweapons.

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Later that year Aum Shinrikyo released anthrax spores around Tokyo eight more times, using vanmounted sprayers. Again, no sicknesses or deaths were reported. Since the anthrax caused no illnesses, Japanese authorities did not learn of the attacks until two years later, when cult members were tried for releasing sarin nerve gas in subways. Japanese officials surmised that the cult’s anthrax cultures must have been defective. This was proven true in 2001, when Paul Keim, anthrax specialist at Northern Arizona University, analyzed Aum Shinrikyo’s anthrax cultures.

This led to construction of the Government Wool Disinfecting Station in England 42 Anthrax in 1921, a major step toward controlling woolsorters’ disease. After Eurich’s death in 1945, a tribute in his hometown newspaper noted: “[Dr. Eurich was] honored wherever wool has to be handled. . ” 16 Animal anthrax vaccines, not approved for people, could not be used to protect wool workers in the first half of the twentieth century. By the time Eurich died, however, human anthrax vaccines were becoming available.

The first time . . toward the end of 1943 . . some ten persons were tied to stakes . . and a fragmentation bomb was exploded by electric current fifty meters away from them. A number of the experimentees were injured by bomb splinters and simultaneously . . infected with anthrax. 30 Other human subjects were secretly fed anthrax-contaminated food and liquids. Japan’s bioweapons were not confined to Manchukuo Unit 731. During World War II (1939–1945) the Japanese Imperial Army spread deadly diseases to at least eleven Chinese cities.

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