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This e-book offers skilled builders the sensible perception they should construct firm functions for Microsoft's .NET platform utilizing C#. utilizing a working case research and broad code examples, the authors light up crucial .NET strategies comparable to interfaces, attributes, collections, threading, remoting, defense, and versioning, and introduce strong new .NET applied sciences reminiscent of ADO.NET and ASP.NET. Michael Stiefel and Robert Oberg convey the right way to create an easy, monolithic C# console program; increase it with a home windows types interface; isolate performance within parts, upload database entry, safe the code, and carry performance via ASP.NET and internet companies. builders without C# event will savor the book's self-contained C# review; these acquainted with C# can continue on to the book's in-depth .NET Framework insurance. program improvement utilizing C# and .NET is one in all a step forward sequence of centred courses to .NET written via specialist practitioners and teachers. All books within the Prentice Oberg.Net sequence train in a scientific, step by step demeanour, utilizing wealthy examples and a shared case examine. They combine completely: builders who wish a good better realizing of the fundamentals of C# can locate it within the spouse introductory identify, advent to C# utilizing .NET.

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NET application. NET applications selfdescribing. The metadata can be queried at runtime to get information about the code (such as the presence or absence of the Serializable attribute). You can extend the metadata by providing your own custom attributes. In our example, the Framework can query the metadata to discover the structure of the Customer object in order to be able to save and restore it. Types Types are at the heart of the programming model for the CLR. A type is analogous to a class in most object-oriented programming languages, providing an abstraction of data and behavior, grouped together.

Table 3-1. y f(x) a[x] x++ x- new typeof sizeof checked unchecked Unary + - ! : Assignment = *= /= %= += -= <<= >>= &= ^= |= Output and Formatting The Console class in the System namespace supports two simple methods for performing output: ● ● WriteLine writes out a string followed by a new line. Write writes out just the string without the new line. Object, which will provide a string representation of any data type. Object in Chapter 5, where you will also see how to override ToString for your own custom data type.

Based on the industry standard SOAP protocol, Web Services allow you to expose your applications' functionality across the Internet. NET language. The programming model is the same for calling a function within an application, in a separate component on the same machine, or as a Web Service on a different machine. This inherent simplicity will make it very easy for companies to create and host applications. If desired, a whole application could be completely outsourced, removing issues of development, deployment, and maintenance.

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