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By Jeffrey Richter

The Microsoft® .NET Framework permits builders to fast construct powerful, safe ASP.NET internet types and XML net provider purposes, home windows® kinds functions, instruments, and kinds. discover all approximately its universal language runtime and how you can leverage its energy to construct, package deal, and set up any form of program or part. utilized MICROSOFT .NET FRAMEWORK PROGRAMMING is perfect for a person who is familiar with object-oriented programming options comparable to facts abstraction, inheritance, and polymorphism. The booklet conscientiously explains the extensible kind method of the .NET Framework, examines how the runtime manages the habit of sorts, and explores how an program manipulates varieties. whereas targeting C#, it provides ideas acceptable to all programming languages that focus on the .NET Framework.

Topics lined include:

  • The .NET Framework structure
  • Building, packaging, deploying, and administering functions and their kinds
  • Building and deploying shared assemblies
  • variety basics
  • Primitive, reference, and cost kinds
  • Operations universal to all items
  • Type contributors and accessibility
  • Constants, fields, tools, homes, and occasions
  • operating with textual content
  • Enumerated varieties and bit flags
  • Array forms
  • Interfaces
  • Custom attributes
  • Delegates
  • Error dealing with with exceptions
  • Automatic reminiscence administration
  • AppDomains and mirrored image
  • Includes assurance of C#

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Sample text

Today,w hen m ostapplications are installed,they affectallparts ofthe system . The problem w ith this is thatthe application isn’tisolated as a single entity. Finally,you can’teasily uninstallor rem ove the application w ithout having this nasty feeling thatsom e partofthe application is stilllurking on your m achine. To m ake users com fortable,security m ustbe builtinto the system so thatusers can explicitly allow or disallow code developed by various com panies to access the system resources.

Ifthese types are developed using any language thattargets the com m on language runtim e (C LR ),they can allw ork together seam lessly;a type can even use another type as its base class,regardless ofw hatlanguages the types are developed in. N ET Fram ew ork is solving. This situation can potentially cause allkinds oftrouble,butin practice,problem s don’ttypically arise from this kind of interaction because applications are tested and debugged before they are deployed. These new files are supposed to be “backw ard com patible” w ith the previous files,butw ho know s for sure?

O n the other hand,the C LR now integrates alllanguages and allow s objects created in one language to be treated as equalcitizens by code w ritten in a com pletely differentlanguage. This integration is possible because ofthe C LR ’s standard setoftypes,self-describing type inform ation (m etadata),and com m on execution environm ent. For exam ple,som e languages don’ttreat sym bols w ith case-sensitivity ordon’tofferunsigned integers,operatoroverloading,or m ethods thatsupporta variable num ber ofparam eters.

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