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Paintings and sweetness journal ГУМАНИТАРНЫЕ НАУКИ, КУЛЬТУРА и ИСКУССТВО, ЖИВОПИСЬ и РИСОВАНИЕ Название: artwork and wonder MagazineАвтор: Robert Crumb Издательство: Robert Crumb Год: 1996 Страниц:32 ISBN: 0878165568Формат: pdf Размер: sixteen MB eighty five

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27 Another important series is smaller in number of works but they are memorable for their size. ” The inspiration for some of these installations, such as “Lava Forest” (1975) was Hawaiian forests burned out by volcanic eruptions and lava flows. Others have the brooding solemnity of old-growth woods, such as “Tree-Man Forest” (1982/87) (fig. 20). The cylinders may evoke gargantuan bamboo because of their segmentation, but more generally speak of lifeless tree trunks. While her color range is subdued—generally a variety of earth colors and black—her painterly splotches and drips suggest wounds, both the slow damage of time and the quick destruction of natural catastrophe.

Moons and Forests In the late 1960s Takaezu added moons to her repertoire. These are constructed pieces, made of joined hemispheres, the seams of which sometimes show clearly and sometimes are either smoothed away or obscured by the vast range of surface treatments she elects. They are never so perfect as to look mechanical and may range from 20 to almost 30 inches in diameter. One admirer wrote, “These pots are no ordinary globes; like the living things nearby [in her garden], they are not geometrically perfect spheres.

She prefers to capture the essence of roundness; the 29 Fig. 17. Moon, 1980s, glazed hand-built stoneware, 29 x 29 x 29 in. Collection of The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, gift of the artist. (pl. 70) Fig. 18. Moon, glazed stoneware, 21 3/8 x 21 3/8 in. Collection of Forrest L. Merrill. (pl. ) near the bottom, larger sweeps with a loaded wide brush above, and a few vague-edged spots of orange and yellowish passages above. Two 20-inch “Moon” works in the collection of Forrest Merrill have quite different effects, a pale one with a white pitted glaze poured over the surface that recalls cantaloupe rind and a mottled black and copper one (fig.

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