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- Promotes women' self-esteem
- universal tween & teenager scenarios
- discuss It dialogue questions
- suggestion from Dr. Vicki
- Get fit counsel

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You can start a petition, speak out at a parent/teacher meeting, talk to the school board, or write a letter to the editor. Sharing your ideas and thoughts on issues that matter to you makes you stronger and more confident. Remember, it’s also a good idea to respect the fact that other people have their own opinions. Just because your friends disagree with you on some subjects does not mean you can’t be friends any longer. Keep in mind, too, that having your own opinions is fine, but forcing them on others isn’t.

That’s what Hannah was experiencing. Her older sister was everything Hannah wanted to be, and nothing Hannah did seemed to measure up. Hannah’s Story Hannah looked at her older sister Victoria’s report card. All As, as usual. Hannah couldn’t remember a time when Victoria hadn’t gotten straight As. Victoria was way beyond smart. She had gotten the highest score on her SATs of anyone in her school. She was graduating early because she had skipped sixth grade. If anyone in the family had a question, they asked Victoria.

We all have imperfections, aspects of ourselves Trying to Fit In Talk About It • What did Romiko mean when she told him, “You are just right”? • Have you ever taken the time to learn how to communicate with someone who has a physical challenge? What was his or her response? • Have you ever been in a position where others have had to find an alternative way to communicate with you? How did it feel? 55 56 Beautiful Me We all have aspects of ourselves that we don’t like or that embarrass us. For most of us, our flaws don’t get in the way of how we function from day to day.

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