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Particular emphasis is therefore placed on the shaping of the National Party in its organization, its ideology, and its policy. One area of investigation is the scope of pro-Nazi or profascist activity engaged in by individuals connected either at the time with the National Party or later with the ruling Nationalist establishment. Such activity is clearly borne out by the evidence. Apologetic arguments that try to downplay, or even ignore, such an important part of the historical record must be countered if later generations are to understand the ideological milieu in which the nationalism of Malan's party came to dominate not only Afrikaner politics, but South Africa as a whole.

M. Hertzog 29 Hertzog Cabinet with Governor-General, the Earl of Clarendon, c. 1931 29 Letter of 14 August 1934 from South African National Party 57 Circular attributed to J. H. H. de Waal 58 "You! " leaflet 59 Pamphlet issued by the South African Jewish Board of Deputies 60 Louis Weichardt, c. 1937 90 Nico Diederichs, 1940 90 Piet Meyer 90 Front page of Die Waarheid/The Truth 91 Ossewatrek members of Voortrekker Youth Movement, Cape Town, 1938 112 Ossewatrek, Torch Procession, Cape Town, 1938 112 Afrikaner families at Ossewatrek celebration, Rosebank Showgrounds, Cape Town, 1938 113 J.

Through many cold Cape evenings, I was regaled by my mother's father, an ambulance driver with the South African forces in North Africa, with tales of the great adventure remembered vividly by so many men of his generation. He particularly loved to tell me of the maneuvers of his ambulance as he sought to evade General Rommel's airplanes. For those like my father or like my other grandparents who remained at home there were vivid memories of the nightly blackouts, though air raids never came, of submerged sea-spikes, designed to ward off German U-boats, which, in consequence, stayed a respectable distance offshore, and of the experiences of neighbors who spent the war years in internment because of widespread disaffection from the Allied cause among many white South Africans.

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