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By Paul Carroll

Presents the interior tale of the increase and fall of IBM, delivering a devastating learn of company forms, loss of foresight, and decline. Reprint. 75,000 first printing. travel. LJ. NYT. ok.

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1 Although initially he fumbled, he proved to be a good mimic and absorbed the techniques he witnessed at Billy Sunday camp meetings and on the C hautauqua lecture circuit well enough that he bridged the gap betw een the rural world of the nineteenth century and the technological, suburban world of the present. 2 After achieving limited success with pianos, often taking a pig or other livestock in trade, W atson moved on to selling securities. There he worked for a flashy salesman who showed him what an impression professional dress could make on people new to the cities.

This consumer-m arket stuff was new for IBM. ” W hen the next morning came, Estridge saw that all the im portant media had, in fact, come, but it was still a small group. Few er than one hundred people were scattered throughout a meeting room in the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in midtown M anhattan as Estridge walked to the front and said hello. Estridge briefly explained what the little machine did. H e did a quick dem onstration, having the machine draw a few pictures using some software he had written himself.

The guiding principle of the PC project was that IBM would just pull pieces together from the outside, so he w anted Microsoft to have to worry about getting the operating system to work, about making sure the languages were nicely integrated with it, about doing upgrades of the operating system down the road, about handling custom er inquiries, and so on. ” Microsoft ultimately bought the system, paying about $75,000. IBM, in forgoing the chance to buy what became DOS, missed an opportunity that made Microsoft’s value go from a pittance back then to a stock-market value of some $27 billion today, making Gates the richest man in the United States.

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