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By Alastair Sweeny

What if Canada 's so-called environmental nightmare was once particularly an engineering triumph and the major to a reliable and sustainable future?For years, Canadians were listening to not anything yet undesirable information out of the Athabasca Oil Sands. From twentieth Century economists decrying it as a perpetual money-loser within the face of extra easily-extracted overseas oil to eco-friendly teams worldwide mentioning it the world's worst commercial firm, occasionally it sort of feels as if no solid may well ever come from this so-called soiled resource.But what if constructing Canada's Oil Sands used to be the most important to bridging the distance among present petroleum-based economies and the choice energies that are not prepared for industry but? What if it intended taking away the specter of top Oil and offering fiscal balance not only for Canada and the remainder of North the USA, yet for the area? And what if the environmental expenditures of the source have been either no longer approximately as dire as a few could have you ever think, yet presently higher than many different recommendations with the already making large advances in sustainability, strength use and water reclamation?That's precisely the case that Alastair Sweeny, writer of BlackBerry Planet, argues is on the middle of the Athabasca Sands: a vivid destiny. by means of digging into the previous, current and way forward for oil sands know-how, Sweeny cuts during the hype and hysteria and makes an effective and fascinating case that the Sands are usually not the environmental boogeyman set to wreck humanity, yet quite our greatest desire for a really sturdy and sustainable destiny.

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In 1805, HBC traders moved into the valley. The two companies started using ruthless tactics against each other, including scuttling canoes, sabotaging the hunt, and destroying produce, even attempting to burn down their rival’s forts. By 1820, the two companies were exhausted by the fur fight and the shareholders of the two companies joined up in London, England, preferring monopoly to war. All the while, the black gold of the Athabasca still lay oozing out of the banks of the river, waiting for its time, 200 years in the future.

Civilization in the Middle East grew to depend on bitumen, particularly as the climate got warmer and drier. The Mesopotamians continued to rely on it as glue and for waterproofing. An old Babylonian saga tells how a priestess, the mother of the great King Sargon, saved him when he was a baby by placing him in a bitumen-caulked casket of rushes. *4 Bitumen was also used as medicine, insecticide, and as a magic potion to ward off a Babylonian female demon named Labartu. She had a hairy body, the head of a lioness, donkey’s teeth and ears, long fingers and fingernails, and the feet of a bird with sharp talons.

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