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By Gail M. Gerhart

Black strength In South Africa: The Evolution Of An Idealogy, by means of Gerhart, Gail M.

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Welsh, "Growth of Towns," p. 219. 4. See F. Wilson in Wilson and Thompson for a discussion of the prison labor system. Before pass laws were made uniform throughout South Africa in 1952, somewhat different laws applied in each of the SOCIAL FOUNDATIONS 25 town and country, the African was enmeshed in a web of laws and policies masterfully designed to maximize the benefit to his white overlords while minimizing any sacrifice or inconven ience on their part. 6 million Africans still lived on the land.

To succeed, in the rebel's view, Africans had to learn to "think African," to define their own goals in terms of their own interests and priorities as an oppressed people. Where the realist was inclined to see white politics as the real arena of power, the rebel looked more to the strength of the African masses as the vital determinant of change. The realist, looking at the disorganized and demoralized state of most urban Africans in the prewar years, was reinforced in his natural tendency to see black progress in terms of a measured extension of rights and liberties from the top down.

For instance, in a property-owning society he cannot own property, - in a soci ety which has grown and prospered by workers organizing them selves his own organizations are restricted. In fact it seems that authority is not anxious to assist him in making adjustments from rural to urban living. He is thus uncertain and not sure of his goals. 9 The double-rootedness of so many workers slowed the con solidation of a full-blown proletarian class, conscious of its own identity as a social group and united around a set of common goals.

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