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By By (author) Bob Miller

With Bob Miller at your part, you by no means need to be clueless approximately math back!

Algebra and calculus are difficult on highschool scholars such as you. Professor Bob Miller, with greater than 30 years' instructing event, is a grasp at making the complicated uncomplicated, and his now-classic sequence of Clueless examine aids has helped tens of millions comprehend the cruel subjects.

Calculus-with its integrals and derivatives-is recognized for tripping up even the fastest minds. Now Bob Miller-with his 30-plus years' adventure instructing it-presents highschool calculus in a transparent, funny, and interesting way.

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We will differentiate the first term implicitly, the second term implicitly and with the product rule, and the rest the old way. 3. We will solve for dy/dx by using an algebraic trick that can save up to five algebraic steps. With a little practice, you can save a lot of time!!!! Let’s do the problem. 3y2 dy dy ϩ c x4(7y6) ϩ y7(4x3)d ϩ 3x2 ϭ 0 dx dx implicit (n ϭ 3) implicit (n ϭ 7) and product rule power derivative rule of constant We now solve of dy/dx. Once we take the derivative, it becomes an elementary algebra equation in which we solve for dy/dx.

A smaller theorem used to prove a major theorem is called a lemma. sin h ϭ1 h LEMMA 2 lim 35 0 ϭ (Ϫ1) 1 ϩ 1 ϭ (Ϫ1)(0) ϭ 0 36 BOB MILLER’S HIGH SCHOOL CALCULUS FOR THE CLUELESS If lemma 1 is true, then lemma 2 is true. Now let’s show lemma 1 is true. We now really need the unit circle (probably it made your life miserable in trig). To review, the unit circle is the circle, center at the origin, with radius 1: x2 ϩ y2 ϭ 1. The center of the circle is O. Point A is (1, 0). Point B ϭ (x, y). The angle of the sector OAB is h.

Line L4 is secant to a circle if it hits the curve in two places. DEFINITION Tangent line to a curve at the point P. A. Take point P on the curve. B. Take point Q1 on the curve. C. Draw PQ1. D. Take Q2, Q3, Q4, . . , drawing PQ2, PQ3, PQ4, . . with Qs approaching P. 23 Copyright © 2008 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Click here for terms of use. 24 BOB MILLER’S HIGH SCHOOL CALCULUS FOR THE CLUELESS E. Do the same thing on the other side of P: Take R1, R2, . . such that R1 and R2 are approaching P.

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