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On the growth of the electorate see J. E. Neale, The Elizabethan House of Commons (1949), pp. 140-1; R. L. Bushman, 'English Franchise Reform in the Seventeenth Century', in JBS iii (1963); and especially Plumb, op. cit. pp. 27-9, 34-44· 26. For these see Plumb, op. cit. pp. 82-96. 27. Ibid. p. 29; G. S. Litt. thesis, 1952), folios II-l2, 174-96. The most recent and most authoritative estimate, by W. A. Speck, puts the figure at the end of Anne's reign at 250,700. It will be elaborated in his forthcoming book Tory and Whig: The Struggle in the Constituencies 1701-1715.

13. See the bibliographical note on p. 56 below. 14. Two major departments, the Treasury and the Admiralty, have been studied in detail (though only in \Villiam's reign), and so have two s_ubordinate ones, the Customs Board and the Salt Office. See S. B. Baxter, The Development of the Treasury 1660-1702 (1957); J. Ehrman, The Navy ill the War of William III 1689-1697 (Cambridge, 1953); E. E. Hoon, The Organization of the English Customs System 1696-1786 (New York, 1958); E. Hughes, Studies ill Administration and Finance 1558-1825 (l'\'1anchester, 1934).

For its part, Parliament never took advantage of the power to address the monarch for the removal of an English judge. The Act of Settlement was entitled 'An Act for the further limitation of. the Crown and better securing the Rights and Liberties of the Subject'. It went a good deal further in this respect than the Bill of Rights - and the Tories were now foremost in pressing for limits which the Whigs would hardly have dared suggest in 1689, especially limitations designed to take effect after Anne's death.

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