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The information has to be understood and processed by the user before it can be used as the basis for decisions. Sender processing INFORMATION User processing DECISIONS 2. Quantitative and qualitative data Quantitative data, as its name implies, is data which records measurable facts such as sales or profit figures. 1 Information and decision-making 31 is often seen as superior to qualitative data which may represent opinions or vague ideas. For example a manager may be aware that staff are becoming increasingly unhappy, but may be unable to produce any statistical information to prove the point.

Draw the network for the project, given the following information. Activity A 8 C D E F G Must be preceded by: A A C 8 8 D D,E H I H,G (4 marks) (c) The company is involved in a second project. The network is shown below: o G Key: node ~ earliest start time of SUbSeqUent activities number latest finish time of preceding activities Activity: ABC 0 E F G H Estimated Duration (days) 4 5 4 4 11 4 7 8 (i) Show that the total floats on activities A and D are both 14 days. What would the total float on activity D be if activity A over-ran by 3 days?

For example an electricity power station costs several billion pounds. A private firm might be unwilling to risk such a large investment. 4. Industries such as fuel and steel are vital to the economy, and may be important in times of war. It can be argued that the Government should have control of these industries to ensure ample supply of important goods and services. 5. The Government should control the economy on behalf of its citizens. This is the major political argument for nationalisation.

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