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By Rogers Cadenhead, Jesse Liberty

Sams educate your self C++ in 24 Hours is a hands-on consultant to the C++ programming language. Readers are supplied with brief, sensible examples that illustrate key innovations, syntax, and strategies.

Using a simple technique, this quickly and pleasant educational teaches you every little thing you must be aware of, from fitting and utilizing a compiler, to debugging the courses you’ve created, to what’s new in C++14.

Step-by-step directions rigorously stroll you thru the commonest C++ programming tasks
Quizzes and routines on the finish of every bankruptcy assist you try your self to ensure you’re able to pass on

Learn how to...

  • Install and use a C++ compiler for home windows, Mac OS X, or Linux
  • Build object-oriented courses in C++
  • Master middle C++ options equivalent to capabilities and classes
  • Add wealthy performance with templates and lambda expressions
  • Debug your courses for wonderful code
  • Learn exception and error-handling techniques
  • Put to take advantage of the hot gains in C++14, the most recent model of the language
  • Create and use templates
  • Control software stream with loops
  • Store info in arrays and strings
  • Declare and use pointers
  • Use operator overloading
  • Extend periods with inheritance
  • Use polymorphism and derived classes
  • Employ object-oriented research and design

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If you use one /* to start a comment and then use another /* a few lines later, the first */ mark encountered by the compiler will end all multiline comments. The second */ mark will result in a compiler error. Most C++ programming editors display comments in a different color to make clear where they begin and end. The next project that you create includes both kinds of comments. Write lots of comments in your programs. The more time spent writing comments that explain what舗s going on in source code, the easier that code will be to work on weeks, months or even years later.

The authors and the publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damages arising from the information contained in this book or programs accompanying it. com or (800) 382-3419. com. com. Contents at a Glance Introduction Part I: Beginning C++ HOUR 1 Writing Your First Program 2 Organizing the Parts of a Program 3 Creating Variables and Constants 4 Using Expressions, Statements, and Operators 5 Calling Functions 6 Controlling the Flow of a Program 7 Storing Information in Arrays and Strings Part II: Classes HOUR 8 Creating Basic Classes 9 Moving into Advanced Classes Part III: Memory Management HOUR 10 Creating Pointers 11 Developing Advanced Pointers 12 Creating References 13 Developing Advanced References and Pointers Part IV: Advanced C++ HOUR 14 Calling Advanced Functions 15 Using Operator Overloading Part V: Inheritance and Polymorphism HOUR 16 Extending Classes with Inheritance 17 Using Polymorphism and Derived Classes 18 Making Use of Advanced Polymorphism Part VI: Special Topics HOUR 19 Storing Information in Linked Lists 20 Using Special Classes, Functions, and Pointers 21 Using New Features of C++14 22 Employing Object-Oriented Analysis and Design 23 Creating Templates 24 Dealing with Exceptions and Error Handling Part VII: Appendixes A Binary and Hexadecimal B Glossary C This Book舗s Website D Using the MinGW C++ Compiler on Windows Index Table of Contents Introduction Part I: Beginning C++ HOUR 1: Writing Your First Program Using C++ Compiling and Linking the Source Code Creating Your First Program HOUR 2: Organizing the Parts of a Program Reasons to Use C++ The Parts of a Program Comments Functions HOUR 3: Creating Variables and Constants What Is a Variable?

If any of those tasks is still too complicated, break it down into even smaller tasks. The end goal is tasks that are small and self-contained enough to be easily understood. As an example, pretend you舗ve been asked by this publisher to write a program that tracks the average income of its team of enormously talented and understatedly charismatic computer book authors. This job can be broken down into these subtasks: 1. Find out what each author earns. 2. Count how many authors the publisher has.

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