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By Dr. Jay K. Hackett

Lifestyles technological know-how; dwelling issues want strength, residing issues and their Environment.EARTH technological know-how; Rocks adn Minerals, sluggish alterations in the world, quick adjustments on Earth.PHYSICAL technology; electrical energy, Magnetism.

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He climbs the short stalk to nibble, not knowing an enemy lurks where some grasses are growing. A plant starts to grow and soon, to be brief, there’s a stalk with a green little fluttery leaf. Write About It Response to Literature The poet brings to life a sequence of events that happens every day in nature. What do you think the poet is describing? Write a story that tells what might happen next in the poem. com 23 Lesson 1 Plants and Sunlight Have you ever wondered where food comes from? ” But where does food really come from?

It eats both plants and animals. A bear is an omnivore. C Quick Check Sequence What eats a primary consumer in a food chain? Critical Thinking Can an omnivore and carnivore be in the same food chain? Explain. 43 EXPLAIN What are decomposers? Each fall and winter, thousands of leaves fall to the forest floor. Some trees also fall down. Yet some of this plant material is gone by the following spring. There are fewer dead leaves on the ground. The fallen trees are rotting away. Who, or what, is responsible for this cleanup?

Vocabulary What is an omnivore? (pp. 38–39) Consumers can be herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores. Sequence List the order of organisms through which energy flows in a food chain. (pp. 40–43) 4W`ab Decomposers break down organisms that are no longer living.

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