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The UNDP, led by Bello Bouba Maigari, was the party of the northern Muslims, and relied heavily on the Ahidjoist sentiment. The SDF called for strikes and a well-orchestrated campaign to stall the economy (the Ville Morte or 'Ghost Town' campaign) which brought this party to the forefront. Biya stalled and imprisoned some opponents. Demonstrations brought violent reactions, with many killed and maimed, but little response in terms of giving into demands. Elections in the 1990s were rigged by the government, and as a result, Biya and his party remained in power.

For most of the period, Southern Cameroons, as the area was entitled, was treated as a colony of Nigeria which was in turn a colony of Britain. The movement into Cameroons of Nigerians, especially Ibos, Ibibios and Efiks, became very pronounced and this was to be a major factor in the decision of the inhabitants of Southern Cameroons to join Cameroon rather than Nigeria in 1961. The fear of Nigerian, especially Ibo, domination and exploitation was very great. The Ibos became a predominant element in the civil service and police, in transport and marketing, and were a strong competitor for land in the coastal districts.

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Lerner, 1989. 64p. maps. (Visual Geography Series). In addition to various maps, this work contains excellent photographs and an index. 14 Atlas of the United Republic of Cameroon. Edited by Georges Laclavere, introduction by Jean-Félix Loung. Paris: Éditions Jeune Afrique, 1980. 72p. 33 maps. One of a series of African atlases first published by Jeune Afrique in 1973. Each chapter is built around a thematic concept (such as geology, climate, racial groups and languages) and is comprised of two distinct elements.

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