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Appearances are deceiving, however. 7 hours a week on all teaching duties. 2 hours on such compensated noninstructional activities as serving bus duty, monitoring the lunchroom, and advising clubs. Public school teachers get little time for lunch at any level of school. Elementary school teachers, who typically teach the same children for the entire day, average thirty-two minutes for lunch, in some cases while supervising students. Secondary school teachers average thirty-one minutes for lunch.

He or she also should read Chapter 2 in its entirety, or at least the part that focuses on the act of teaching, regardless of context. Teaching is both a science and an art. Fundamental competencies have been identified and can be taught to prospective teachers. However, some aspects of teaching behavior may be a function of personality type or of intuition. Also, teaching styles may differ according to the practitioner's philosophy of education. Teaching itself calls for the performance of many roles and the orchestration of many methods.

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