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By Diana Wynne Jones

For hundreds of years, Dalemark has been a land divided by means of the warring earldoms of the North and South. Now, with the aid of the timeless, the mysterious gods of Dalemark, 4 remarkable adolescents -- from the prior, current, and destiny -- nust sign up for forces to reunify their cherished land.When Moril inherits his father's prized device -- a Cwidder stated to have belonged to 1 of the timeless -- he needs to learn how to harness its unusual strength in time to avoid a damaging civil conflict.

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Moril had the notion of frying the bread and onions together. Unfortunately, it was then so dark that he could not see to fry. The mixture he turned out of the frying-pan was extremely singed, and it was only eaten because everyone was very hungry. Then they settled down to sleep. It seemed to Moril, waking and resettling himself round the winejar during the night, that Kialan and Dagner kept watch, turn and turn about, until dawn broke. Certainly they both looked very jaded in the morning. Nevertheless, as soon as the sun was up and Olob fed, Dagner had the cart on the move again.

Kialan was clearly astonished and stared at Moril with all the annoyance of someone who cannot believe his ears. 'I've got to go anyway,' said Dagner. 'Father asked me to take Kialan to Hannart. ' said Brid. ' Dagner and Kialan exchanged glances, and Kialan screwed his mouth up. ' Dagner said to Moril. 'I saw him,' said Moril. 'The fair one with queer eyes. But you didn't see them, did—' 'Yes I did,' said Dagner. 'We were only in the woods. That one was the leader. Kialan, I think that settles it, don't you?

One of the men who killed Father! ' Lenina said impatiently. 'But I saw him,' said Moril. 'You must have made a mistake,' said Lenina. She pulled her sleeve away and went back to the tables. Moril stood, shocked and troubled, in the middle of the hall. He saw quite clearly that his mother did not want to believe him. She had put Clennen and all that part of her life behind her and she did not want to be reminded of it. Yet, if Ganner had had a hand in killing Clennen, this was the last place she ought to be—the last place any of them ought to be.

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